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On the release of new single 'The Rolling Stones Are In Town Tonight', Henry & son Oliver, who produced the record, were interviewed on the Alex Dyke Show on BBC Radio Solent.

He has also been spotted at BBC HQ...

& Sutton United...



Record Collector November 2012 Edition


I used to listen to Roger "Twiggy" Day on an old transistor radio, under my pillow when he was a DJ on Radio Caroline and later, in my corporate years, his 'Across the South' BBC show when driving home. So it was a thrill to be invited onto his show to talk about my new CD single and LP.


When flying over Paris on return from my holidays, the pilot announced that we were commencing our descent towards Gatwick in casual tone. It occurred to me that we were now entering the same airspace as  that of the Battle of Britain, fought half a century before. Observing the idle snores of my fellow passengers, it struck me how easily we forget the bravery of those who repelled the threat of the luftwaffe. Their sacrifice inspired me to write the song Aviator's Women.
Release: 11th November

St. Clair, South of France, September 11th, 2012


'COVERSHOTS' and it's accompanying 'Happy Together' single are to be released this 7th August. Visit Henry's new store section to download or order a CD copy. The newly revised 'Summertime on the Moon' is to be released in the coming months.


'While searching the garage for a record over the Christmas holidays a 12-inch copy of 'It's Now Or Never' slid out of an LP sleeve... It was recorded at Eden Studios, Chiswick/ Abbey Road in 1984 with Rosetta Hightower and Henry Turtle singing over a fabulous arrangement by her husband Ian Green, with their son 'Teddy Bear' playing  lead guitar. This will be included in the CD version of 'COVER SHOTS', together with two other bonus tracks; one featuring Henry and Rossetta once more singing 'Everlasting Love'


It has been all go here at Turtle Towers; firstly Henry now has two sparkling new online releases for your deluctation. Both his 'Summertime on the Moon' LP and the 'Smokeytime Springtime'/ 'She's Not There' single by Henry's late 60s outfit, Doves, (which are, of course, both listenable in full technicolour sound on this website) have gone 'live', so to speak and are available to download from all major online music outlets.

Following interest in Doves, the website now incorporates a detailed section covering the band's history and a compendium of all known existing artefacts, includimg the surviving songs themselves.. Henry is still on the lookout for a rough copy of 'Crying Sun' recorded by the band and would be overjoyed to receive any leads or clues...

Henry is also currently in the process of recording a glittering wave of fresh musical extravaganzas, including odes to'the Stones', Woolworths girls and of course, cats, in addition to a potential swashbuckling venture into video and a new LP on the way, with the current working title of 'Tales From the Perfumed Garden'.

Henry sends his special love to all his adoring fans. He doesn't know what they would do without him... or rather him without them! ... ahem, ahem....

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Henry Turtle


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